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Small groups meeting during the week

The Leigh Road Baptist Church (LRBC) small groups meet most weeks for a mixture of prayer, worship, bible study, coffee, and social events - and to enjoy each others company.

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To get involved in one of our small groups please contact the church office or telephone: 01702 478698

The Small Group offering

Monday Evenings at 7.30pm
Puzzling Questions?

A weekly online bible study with discussion.
Facilitated by Trevor Imbush

Monday Evenings at 7.30pm
P23 Eastwood

A fortnightly bible study with guest speakers, prayer, socials and discussion.
Facilitated by Terry and Louise Taylor

Tuesday Evenings at 8pm

Led by Andy and Ruth Rotherham

Sometimes I try to be normal, but it gets boring. So I go back to being me!

Life is an adventure that can be scary, fun yet demanding – best travelled both together and with God. This group will seek to inspire, love, care, support and challenge with the love of Jesus.

Tuesday Evenings at 7.45pm
FITS (Frog In The Shed)

Bible study, discussion, chat, socials, prayer and friendship.
Facilitated by Julie Eady

Tuesday Evenings at 8pm
Mens' Group

Meets fortnightly in The Stables Lounge. Facilitated by Alan Cook

Enjoy fun, food and friendship. Our group evenings usually involve sharing together, watching DVDs, bible study, discussion, prayer and community volunteering.

Thursday Evenings from 8pm
Quiche Buyers Club

Faciliated by Helen Jago and David Elcock

A group that meets in homes off and around the Leigh Road. Our weekly gatherings involve food, film, honesty, comfy seats, interactive bible exploration, debate, laughter, friendship, volunteering, socials, weekends away, prayer and grappling with big issues. Babies are welcome, so no need to get a babby sitter.

Thursday Evenings at 8pm
East Leigh

Led by Paul Lewis

We are a very sociable group who enjoy getting together for outings and events as well as our regular meetings when we share Bible study, praise and prayer in a context of food and drink!

We always go home feeling glad that we got together.

Thursday Evenings at 8pm
South Leigh

Led by Wally Nobes

Our Bible study and discussions are mostly based upon the LRBC weekly sermon series. Because we all come from different church backgrounds, our different views and experiences can be quite enlightening at times. Fellowship is an important part of our group and we enjoy occasional social outings and seek to support one another in prayer and in practical ways.

Thursday Evenings at at 7.30pm

Led by Martin and Priscilla Scott

Ours is a lively group who enjoy socialising and relaxing together. Evenings are spent sharing and studying the Bible through various styles of presentation, praying together, supporting and encouraging. Food and drink an essential part and we enjoy a good song too.

Fridays 2pm

Faciliated by Teresa and Stuart Jago
Meets at different locations.

We are a very sociable group who enjoy getting together for Bible study, praise and prayer in a context of coffee, cake and biscuits!

Other Groups that meet together at Leigh Road Baptist Church

Tuesday 2.15pm - 3.30pm
Barnabas Fellowship (for Men and Women)

Meets in The Stables Lounge

A group for men and women meeting in The Stables Lounge at LRBC. Meetings involve songs of praise, a time of prayer and invited speakers sharing their faith and experiences. Transport may be arranged.

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