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Gods Light has defeated the darknessGod’s light has defeated the darkness

We all have things we’re afraid of.  Some of them we know are silly, such as fear of spiders, air travel or being alone in the dark.  Some of our fears are deeper, though: we may be worried about the future, scared of the terrible things we see on the news, or afraid of people seeing us as we really are.

When you put on a light, it’s not dark any more.  Christians believe that God shone brightly in the darkness and defeated it through his Son, Jesus Christ.  We read in the Bible that Jesus came to earth, lived a perfect life, died on the cross and then came back to life on the third day after his death.  That means that God is more powerful than all the things we are afraid of – he’s even more powerful than death itself.

Have a great time this Halloween, dressing up, eating sweets and enjoying yourself, but don’t be afraid.

Jesus said I am the light of the world!

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

 – John chapter 8 verse 12, The Bible (New Living Translation)

Vast armies undead do tread through the night and
In hordes march towards hapless victims to frighten.
They stumble in step with glass-eyes on the prizes;
Bunched hither, hunched over in monstrous disguises;
In sizes not lofty but numb’ring a throng;
To unleash on their prey the dreaded DING DONG.
Small faces with traces of mother’s eye-liner,
Peer up to the resident candy provider.

And there to intone ancient threats learnt verbatim;
They lisp “TRICK OR TREAT!” Tis their stark ultimatum.
Thus: region by region such legions take plunder.
Does this spector-full spectacle cause you to wonder?
Just how did our fair festive forebears conceive,
Of this primeval practice called All Hallows Eve?
The answer, if anyone cares to research,
Surprises, it rises from old mother church.

On the cusp of the customary All Saints Day
The Christ-i-an kinsfolk made mocking display.
These children of light both to tease and deride;
Don darkness, doll down as the sinister side.
In pre-post-er-ous pageants and dress diabolic,
They hand to the damned just one final frolick.
You see with the light of the dawn on the morrow,
The sunrise will swallow such darkness and sorrow.

The future is futile for forces of evil;
And so they did scorn them in times Medieval.
For this is the nature of shadow and gloom;
In the gleaming of glory there can be no room.
What force is resourced by the echoing black?
When the brightness ignites can the shadow push back?
These ‘powers’ of darkness, if such can be called,
Are banished by brilliance, by blazing enthralled.

So the bible begins with this fore-resolved fight;
For a moment the darkness…. then “Let there be Light!”
First grief in the gloom, then joy from the East.
First valley of shadow, then mountaintop feast.
First wait for Messiah, then long-promised Dawn.
First desolate Friday and then Easter Morn.
The armies of darkness when doing their worst,
Can never extinguish this Dazzling Sunburst.

So… ridicule rogues if you must play a role;
But beware getting lost in that bottomless hole.
The triumph is not with the forces of night.
It dawned with the One who said “I am the Light!”

You are always welcome to join with us as we explore each Sunday who Jesus the light who expels all darkness is. We have lots on throughout the week too for children and adults, have an explore of our website or give us a call/email.

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Leigh-on-Sea’s First Eco-Fair opened with a rallying call from Sir David Amess MP

Sir David Amess MP Opens Leigh-on-Sea Eco Fair

The first-ever Eco-fair in Leigh-on-Sea took place on Saturday 19 October 2019 at the home of Leigh Road Baptist Church (LRBC), Marguerite Drive, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 1NN. The Leigh-on-Sea Eco-Fair was a joint collaboration between Leigh Road Baptist Church and Eco Essex and saw nearly a thousand people come through the doors over the day.

The Eco Fair was opened by Sir David Amess MP where he made this rallying call to us all as he cut the recycled paper chain to open the fair, “Well done to each and everyone of you, there are some incredible things here at the eco fair…I think the environment should be at the heart of everything we do. We can and we will save the planet.”

The fair brought together local Eco-traders, artisan craft stalls, eco-groups, local service providers, local government and national groups to provide a one stop shop for all things eco.

Lauren Tinning, LRBC member and one of the organising team said, “We had a fantastic day at the first Eco Fair in Leigh-on-Sea. We were delighted with the variety of stall holders who shared  the event with us and were encouraged by the hundreds of local people who came along to buy and learn about all things eco!”

Young and older browsed the latest eco-products, took part in family activities and kids crafts, discussed with experts on information stalls, listened to short TED style talks about eco issues and found out how ways to reduce their plastic waste and carbon footprint.

Sam Pitman of partner organisers of the fair, Eco Essex added, “The Eco Fair showed that the people of Southend-on-Sea do care and want to make changes in their lives to save our planet. It was a day we were proud to be part of!”

We were delighted that Southend-on-Sea Borough Council attended the fair to tell people about the new PlastiCity project and the Borough’s plans to make Southend Carbon Neutral by 2030. We also heard from Veolia about how best ways to recycle our waste, from The Women’s Institute about their climate activism and Make Do and Mend. Other groups attending included New Life Wood a local charity that recycles unused wood from construction sites and provides opportunities for people to learn woodworking skills and restore their lives. There was also information from The Cloth Nappy Library, South East Essex Organic Gardeners and Eco Essex among meant other stands.

The day saw the church building buzzing with children and their families having lots of fun in our special eco-craft room with face painting, storytelling and eco-crafts. The corridors came alive with those on the eco scavenger hunt with prizes donated by Veolia. After all this inspiration and activity visitors were able to rest awhile and enjoy a Fairtrade tea, coffee and homemade cake in the pop-up eco café.

For more information on future events and activities of LRBC and the upcoming Christmas Fayre Fantastic on Saturday 16th November, 10 am-3 pm please visit www.LRBC.org.uk follow the churches social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube).

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Your pledge could make the difference to LRBC’s Youth & Children’s Work

Youth, Children and Families work at Leigh Road Baptist Church

Many of you will be aware from the strategic review consultation and communication that the majority of groups and individuals in the Leigh Road Baptist Church (LRBC) family want to see immediate and urgent action to bring greater focus and resource to bear in the areas of children, families & youth work.  These were seen by many as the most important areas to address by some margin.

As a result, the strategic review identified the need to make a suitable appointment to the role of children, families & youth worker.

A job description will be created, publicity and adverts placed widely and interviews held to identify the right person for the role.  To some extent, the skills and passions of the individual will influence the job description but we will not know in what way until we start to see applicants.

It is important to recognise that the appointment of an individual to this role will not bring about much change in and of itself unless there is a commitment from the LRBC church family to get involved – volunteering time, energy, prayer and support.


The cost of a full-time children, families & youth worker is likely to be in the region of £30,000 per annum. With the current financial position of the LRBC General Fund we feel it prudent to obtain promises of funding to cover the first years’ expenditure before we commence a search.

If you are willing and able to pledge additional funds over and above your current level of giving towards the cost of a children/families/youth worker then please complete the form below that will be returned to Julie Eady in the church office.

We would like to receive promises by December 2019 at the latest to allow a search to commence early in 2020.  However, we will commence the search as soon as sufficient funds are pledged so the earlier we receive pledges the earlier we can start the search.

Although we are only asking for pledges for the initial year of any appointment at the moment, if you feel able to pledge funds over a longer period then do please indicate this on the form by filling in the number of years you are prepared to commit to.

As an indication, if 120 people (roughly the number of adults that attend on a Sunday morning) were able to pledge £5 a week the full cost of the initial year would be covered.

We’ve put together this little tool the help you see the difference your donation could make towards reaching the target. Punch in a weekly amount you could consider donating and hit the ‘See the difference you’ll make’ button, to see the size of your donation over 3 years.

What’s Your Pledge Amount?

If I give £per week
I will give £0 over 3 years!


Your financial pledge

Please complete the pledge form below after prayerful consideration. No money is to be taken at this stage and your pledge will only be sent to Julie Eady the LRBC Financial Administrator in the church office, a copy will also be emailed to you for your own records. We will let you know when we need you to commence payments.

If you need further information about pledging or this fundrasier please contact Julie Eady in the church office on 01702 478698 or at finance@lrbc.org.uk

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Leigh-on-Sea church to host LICC’s ‘Growing a Whole-life Disciplemaking Church’ day conference

Leigh Training Day FB Banner

Growing a Whole-life Disciplemaking Church Training Day on Saturday 9th November at Leigh Road Baptist Church

We are pleased to invite you and those in leadership positions at your church to a training day, run by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC), on ‘Growing a Whole-life Disciplemaking Church’.

To find out more about the work of the LICC, please visit their website at www.licc.org.uk

This is a fantastic opportunity for church leaders and the wider church to grapple with this exciting yet challenging endeavour of ‘whole-life discipleship’. The training day is aimed at people in leadership roles in your church, including your staff team, youth and children’s workers, small group leaders and worship leaders. Come and join us as we share what we’ve learned about how to create a Whole-life Disciplemaking Church and help you identify the next steps for your context.

To book places/tickets for you and your teams at £25 per person which includes lunch, please visit www.lrbc.org.uk/boxoffice

Buy Tickets

We very much hope you can join us.

Rev Andrew D Cowley
Senior Minister & Team Leader
Leigh Road Baptist Church

LICC Growing a Whole-life Disciplemaking Church poster

More information

Leigh Road Baptist Church, Marguerite Drive, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 1NN are hosting this LICC Training Day for church leaders.

Come and join us as LICC share what they have learned about how to create a Whole-life Disciplemaking Church and help you identify the next steps for your context.

LICC hold these training days across the country for Clergy and their leadership teams to explore together the culture of their church.

During the day we will:
● Explore the biblical vision for whole-life disciplemaking
● Share principles, practices and processes to make whole-life disciplemaking possible
● Illustrate with case studies and examples
● Help clarify a framework and next steps for creating a whole-life disciple-making culture in your church

Outline programme:
9.30: Registration & Coffee
10.00: A Vision for Whole-life Disciplemaking
11.30: Developing a Whole-life Disciplemaking Culture
12.45: Lunch (Included)
13.30: Group Exercise: Where are we?
14.00: Local Church Resources
14.30: Looking Ahead
15.00: Next Steps, Prayer and Commission
15:30: Finish

For more information on the LICC (The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) please visit their website https://www.licc.org.uk

Buy Tickets
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ECO FAIR Leigh-on-Sea, 19 October 2019, 10am-3pm

Sir David Amess MP met two young members of LRBC and agreed to open the ECO FAIR in October 2019
Sir David Amess MP met two young members of LRBC and agreed to open the ECO FAIR in October 2019

Leigh Road Baptist Church (LRBC) is delighted to announce that the first Leigh-on-Sea ECO FAIR will be opened by Sir David Amess, MP for Southend West on Saturday 19th October 2019.

Come along and enjoy:

  • Eco artisan stalls selling an enormous range of eco products – everything from cakes and clothes to Solar Panels, soap and skincare
  • Kids activities, storytelling, craft, face painting and family scavenger hunt
  • Sustainability inspired artists including Ruth Rotherham and Gwen Simpson’s Connecting Threads Project
  • Information stalls including Veolia, Plastic Free Leigh, Leigh Town Council, Southend in Transition and many more
  • Bring and Buy stalls – come and browse our fantastic range of tools and craft supplies
  • Eco-café and cake stall
  • Come and listen to local people talking about their experience of trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle


We really believe there is still a chance to do something about climate change – that there remains a possibility that if we do the right thing – change our behaviours and work together – that global warming might in some way be arrested.

So LRBC are trying to work towards making our church more sustainable in everything we do – our worship and learning, buildings, use of land, local community and lifestyle and we’re trying to do this both locally and globally. We want LRBC to be a lighthouse in the local community, working with everyone to a greener, sustainable future.

The LRBC ECO FAIR is a chance for us all to learn more about how to do this, to find out what is happening already in our community. Come and join us and let’s make the world a better place. It’s going to be a wonderful day.

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Summer Sundays: church gatherings with a twist!

Summer Sundays 2019

Summer Sundays are short 1 hour gatherings with a twist.

Together we’ll be exploring the theme The Things They Never Told You In Sunday School but in whatever break-out session that takes your fancy… be that through music, children & family craft, free flow art space, discussion & debate circle or coffee and newspapers prayer prompts.

All ages are are welcome from 10:30 to 11:30 am on the following Sunday mornings 28 July, 4, 11, 18, 25 August and 1 September.

For those that like it traditional there will also be a talk each week following the same series: ‘The things they never told you in Sunday School’.

All are welcome! Come and dive in!

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LRBC Pre-school celebrate as OFSTED praise them as ‘Good’ in all areas

Leigh Road Baptist Church Pre-school Staff Team at recent Sports Day

A recent visit by OFSTED to Leigh Road Baptist Pre-school saw them state the quality and standards of the early years provision is “Good” across all inspection areas.

The report was glowing and a testament to the hard work, care and professionalism put in daily by the wonderful pre-school team lead by manager Lisa Sutton.

Rev Steve Tinning, one of the ministers at Leigh Road Baptist Church said, “The church at LRBC celebrate with the team, children and parents that are Leigh Road Baptist Church Pre-school. We’ve always known the top-notch work the team put in every day to care and set the children on a good path in their early years education. It’s wonderful to see this also recognise by OFSTED”.

Some of the highlights from the report which can be read on this link were:

“Children enter the pre-school happily and settle quickly. They are kind to each other”

“All children, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, make good progress

“Teaching is consistently strong

“Parents describe the staff team as ‘very supportive’

“Children are confident learners

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LRBC Green group attend The Time Is Now action

On the 27th June Sarah, Matt, Gina and Jane from Leigh Road Baptist Church (LRBC) went to take part in an action in Westminster called “The Time Is Now”. This was an event run by the Climate Coalition, a group of over 130 organisations, including many faith based organisations, to call the government to take action on Climate Change.

They took part in the wider action and met with local MP, Sir David Amess, who spoke with them for a long time reflecting on the issue and how we can best respond – both locally and nationally.

On the 7th July the LRBC morning service considered the issue of climate change and our responsibility to care for God’s creation. The talk by Steve Tinning can now be downloaded or streamed as a podcast here

The time is now: Joint Public Issues Team vlog of the day
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Church minister leads on Our Turn Campaign for child refugees in Southend-on-Sea

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”

Hebrews 13:2

Over the last few years, one of the Leigh Road Baptist Church (LRBC) minister’s, Rev Steve Tinning, has been working alongside the charity ‘Safe Passage’ to campaign for more vulnerable and unaccompanied refugee children to be welcomed into the UK.

Last Autumn they organised 1000 people to come together at Friends House to hear from Kindertransport refugees who were rescued by the UK from the threat of Nazi persecution and death camps. Today, in the face of unprecedented numbers of refugees worldwide, we are left to consider how, 80 years on, now it is our turn to show compassion to some of the most vulnerable young lives in the world. 80 years ago we welcomed 10,000 children and young people in one year at a time of tremendous austerity as we were on the brink of war – now we are asking the government to welcome 10,000 child refugees over 10 years.

To accomplish this Steve, alongside other campaigners for Safe Passage, have been asking their councils to pledge space for the refugees should the government open up a safe and legal route. If every council in the country would welcome 30 children – that’s just three a year over the 10 years – then we’d have space for all 10,000. So far almost 1200 places have been pledged, including 30 in Southend.

At the end of June, Steve joined numerous other faith leaders, campaigners, refugees, councillors and politicians outside parliament to ask the government to open safe and legal passage for these children. He was joined by the leader of Southend Council, Cllr. Ian Gilbert, who publicly reiterated Southend’s pledge, and met with Southend West MP, Sir David Amess, who also expressed his support of the campaign.

If you would like to know more about how you can support refugees in Southend or about the wider national campaign, please get in touch with Steve at steve.tinning@lrbc.org.uk

Steve’s record of the day

See more about the day here:

Read the Guardian article                     

From Channel 5 News
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Lions award church volunteers for community work

Alan Cook of LRBC Receives the Lions of Leigh Centennial Certificate of Appreciation

The Lions Club of Leigh on Sea held their very first Community Celebration last night, with guests all committed to improving the lives of others, locally and beyond.

The Lions have been very generous in their support of the Southend Churches Winter Night Shelters – CWNS at Leigh Road Baptist Church(LRBC) and other community activities of the church. The evening was an opportunity to learn how their donations have also helped make a difference to others across the area as well as the work of the church.

After some chatting and light refreshments, everyone settled down to hear more about the guests’ projects. They then surprised a few with Lions Centennial Certificates of Appreciation for community service: Alan Cook and David Elcock, both from Leigh Road Baptist Church, to The Art Ministry led by Alan Webb, and, in absentia to Lucy Watts MBE, the health and disability activist.

Southend Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mark Flewitt, joined the Lions Club of Leigh President, Ruth Bassett, in handing out the certificates, which are personally signed by their patron HRH The Countess of Wessex.

David Stanley, founder of the The Music Man Project UK, was given the Lions International Award for Outstanding Service to the Community.

Alan Cook, of Leigh Road Baptist Church said “It was my privilege to represent Leigh Road Baptist Church, and we are humbled by this kind award. To be among such tremendous people enriching the lives of others in the community of Leigh-on-Sea and hearing of their stories.We are so thankful for the support of Lions Club of Leigh on Sea and the time and effort they too put into serving and raising funds for worthy causes in our neighbourhoods!”

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