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Give as you live - how it works:

Turn every pound you spend online into funds for your favourite Church - Leigh Road Baptist Church. Give as you Live™ is a new way to raise funds online, at no cost to you.

With the Give as you Live™ shopping App you can send, on average, 2.5% of every pound you spend online to your favourite cause (Leigh Road Baptist Church). Which means you can turn every gift you buy, every holiday and every new pair of boots into funds for Leigh Road Baptist Church.

Raise Funds Every DayWith Give as you Live™ you never have to pay more for your purchases and you don't have to compromise in the websites you visit. Simply shop online and our App will let you know how you can start raising funds with just one click. It's shopping, but better.

If you are searching Google, Bing, Yahoo or Amazon, the App will suggest similar products from our 1,000+ supported stores. And if you visit any of our supported stores directly, the App will ask you if you would like to start raising funds

Once installed, the App works in three ways:

  1. When you search online with sites including Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Amazon, the App will provide a list of alternative products based on what you are searching for. The App will display essentially the same search results, but with the App displaying either identical or very similar products that are able to raise funds for your cause. The App will show you how much of that product's purchase price will be given to your chosen cause. When you click on product through the App window you will be sent to the relevant retailer, and offered the products you are searching for at the same price. When you purchase the product, the percentage listed will be given to your chosen cause.
  2. Alternatively, when you visit a supported store directly, for example via your web browser's address bar or using a bookmark, a more discreet version of the App will appear for 10 seconds, and ask you if you want to earn funds for your chosen cause. Click 'Yes' to start earning funds with each purchase.
  3. We also have a selection of non-participating stores where, on arrival, you will be asked by the smaller version of the App if you would like to see a list of similar stores which do raise funds for your cause. Click 'Yes' for the full App to appear with a list of alternative stores that will raise funds for your cause.

The App also includes a user account panel which can be accessed by clicking 'My Account' from any of our App windows. Through your account, you can see your purchase history, see how much you've raised for your cause, change your cause, and make use of Everyclick's other fundraising solutions.

Visit the Give as You Live website to find out more

Visit the Give as you live page - turn every pound you spend into online funds for Leigh Road Baptist Church