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LRBC’s congregation and indeed anyone from the surrounding community won’t be told off for taking their mobile phones out during the sermon this Easter Sunday.

In fact, LRBC’s Minister, Steven Hembery, will be encouraging us and our friends to make more use of it as Holy Week 2011 sees the launch of The Passion Experience – a chance to step into the week’s dramatic events through first person story telling, delivered free straight to your mobile phone, twitter account or email inbox.

In a joint partnership, Church from Scratch and Premier Christian Media are launching a fresh look at the Easter Story. It unfolds from the viewpoint of a number of different observers in short messages – each giving their own unique viewpoint on what they ‘see’, and allowing you ‘the subscriber’ to journey through Holy Week with them as they receive the messages at the time events would have happened 2000 years ago.

It’s easy and free for anyone to sign up. Simply text the word ‘LRBC’ to 07797 803 730* or for more ways to follow the story visit: www.thepassionexperience.org.uk/lrbc

The Passion Experience - The Easter story in real time - Sign Up

Once signed up you will then be pulled into the dramatic last week of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection as it would have happened 2000 years ago; experiencing in real time the suffering, pain and joy in a series of thirty free messages – from 17th to 24th April 2011.

Steven Hembery said, “The Passion Experience brings a fresh look to the Easter story, and gives people the opportunity to hear it in the context of a familiar, and modern medium. The story will never change – it’s just how we tell it that does.”

LRBC will also be inviting the community to take part in this innovative new scheme by delivering over 2,000 postcards to the local neighbourhood and collaborating with churches in Leigh to produce a wrap-around advert for the Easter edition of the Leigh & Westcliff Times.

Please help us by signing up, spreading the word and telling your friends to give it a go.

For more information please contact David Elcock on 01702 478698 or email david.elcock@lrbc.org.uk

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