Roy Searle of the Northumbria Community visited Leigh Road

Roy SearleAt Leigh Road Baptist Church we were excited to welcome Guest Speaker Roy Searle of the Northumbria Community to the morning service on Sunday 28th October. The morning met all it promised to be as we were inspired by God through Roy in regard to going beyond the boundaries – it was a great time worshipping together.

The talk from the service can now be streamed or downloaded free of charge on our listen again and podcast page:

Beyond the Boundaries: John 4:1-30, 28 October 2012 AM, Roy Searle of the Northumbria Community

Leigh Road Baptist Church also joined with Baptists Together In Southend & District for ‘Marbles, Honeycombs and the Kingdom of God’ that night. The evening of worship, prayer and discussion with Roy Searle saw the gathered Church greatly challenged.

Roy Searle Honeycomb Marbles and the Kingdom of God Photo Montage

We were reminded about the countless blessings bestowed on us by God and how we can use them to be interdependent as the Baptist church in the borough and beyond.  In turn we were spurred on to realise that this could bring the living God more powerfully into our neighbourhoods and thus be a model and inspiration for Baptist churches across the UK.

A picture was given of Church based on the interdependence shown through the close relationship of the cells of a honeycomb as opposed to hardened edges of marbles only interacting in a small way.

So who is Roy Searle?

Roy is one of the founder leaders of the new monastic Northumbria Community, a former President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and part of the Renovare team in the UK.  Roy is a Visiting Lecturer at several theological colleges and leadership institutes, is an Associate of The Baobab Centre in York, he travels extensively throughout Europe encouraging people to love God and live generously.

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