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Golds Light hass defeated the darkness
God’s light has defeated the darkness

We all have things we’re afraid of.  Some of them we know are silly, such as fear of spiders, air travel or being alone in the dark.  Some of our fears are deeper, though: we may be worried about the future, scared of the terrible things we see on the news, or afraid of people seeing us as we really are.

When you put on a light, it’s not dark any more.  Christians believe that God shone brightly in the darkness and defeated it through his Son, Jesus Christ.  We read in the Bible that Jesus came to earth, lived a perfect life, died on the cross and then came back to life on the third day after his death.  That means that God is more powerful than all the things we are afraid of – he’s even more powerful than death itself.

Have a great time this Halloween, dressing up, eating sweets and enjoying yourself, but don’t be afraid.

Jesus said I am the light of the world!

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

 – John chapter 8 verse 12, The Bible (New Living Translation)

Vast armies undead do tread through the night and
In hordes march towards hapless victims to frighten.
They stumble in step with glass-eyes on the prizes;
Bunched hither, hunched over in monstrous disguises;
In sizes not lofty but numb’ring a throng;
To unleash on their prey the dreaded DING DONG.
Small faces with traces of mother’s eye-liner,
Peer up to the resident candy provider.

And there to intone ancient threats learnt verbatim;
They lisp “TRICK OR TREAT!” Tis their stark ultimatum.
Thus: region by region such legions take plunder.
Does this spector-full spectacle cause you to wonder?
Just how did our fair festive forebears conceive,
Of this primeval practice called All Hallows Eve?
The answer, if anyone cares to research,
Surprises, it rises from old mother church.

On the cusp of the customary All Saints Day
The Christ-i-an kinsfolk made mocking display.
These children of light both to tease and deride;
Don darkness, doll down as the sinister side.
In pre-post-er-ous pageants and dress diabolic,
They hand to the damned just one final frolick.
You see with the light of the dawn on the morrow,
The sunrise will swallow such darkness and sorrow.

The future is futile for forces of evil;
And so they did scorn them in times Medieval.
For this is the nature of shadow and gloom;
In the gleaming of glory there can be no room.
What force is resourced by the echoing black?
When the brightness ignites can the shadow push back?
These ‘powers’ of darkness, if such can be called,
Are banished by brilliance, by blazing enthralled.

So the bible begins with this fore-resolved fight;
For a moment the darkness…. then “Let there be Light!”
First grief in the gloom, then joy from the East.
First valley of shadow, then mountaintop feast.
First wait for Messiah, then long-promised Dawn.
First desolate Friday and then Easter Morn.
The armies of darkness when doing their worst,
Can never extinguish this Dazzling Sunburst.

So… ridicule rogues if you must play a role;
But beware getting lost in that bottomless hole.
The triumph is not with the forces of night.
It dawned with the One who said “I am the Light!”

You are always welcome to join with us as we explore each Sunday who Jesus the light who expels all darkness is. We have lots on throughout the week too for children and adults, have an explore of our website or give us a call/email.

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