Target reached! – Please help a family of Syrian Refugees visit their sons with whom they have been separated for six years.

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UPDATE: Thank you! We reached our target thanks to the generous contributions of our friends and church members. Wonderfully the family will be reunited.

Leigh Road Baptist Church have been supporting a family of Syrian Refugees for the last two years as their landlords and friends.

Two years ago Mum, Dad and Teenage Daughter came to the UK through the government’s VPRS programme and settled in Southend. They left behind a son who has been living as a refugee in Turkey and another son who was unjustly taken from their home in Aleppo 6 years ago and held in the infamous Adra Prison. This son was finally released six months ago and is now seeking temporary legal sanctuary alongside his brother in Turkey in the hope that one day, in the not too distant future, they will be reunited with the rest of the family here in the UK.

Recently an opportunity has arisen for mum and dad to take their daughter and, the most recent addition to the family, their six month old son, to Turkey to visit their other two sons. This would be the first time the whole family has been together in six years since they left Aleppo (and the first time the two sons will have met their baby brother). Clearly every member of this wonderful family would benefit greatly from being in each other’s company, even if just for a couple of weeks – the ordeal of their separation and the knowledge of the suffering they’ve all faced in different ways throughout that separation has taken its toll on them all and so enabling this visit would be a real act of human solidarity and kindness.

To pay for the visas (which have been granted), the flights and some spending money for internal travel and food we are trying to raise £1800 in a very short period of time – they hope to fly as soon as the schools break up (and have been restricted to school holidays for the sake of their daughter’s education). Anything you can give to this cause would be deeply appreciated by the family.

Thank you.

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