Church youth groups holiday in tropical heat at Sizewell Hall

Water fight at Sizewell Hall Youth Group Trip 2018

by Eleanor Willcock

Having the opportunity to go up early my family and I had the pleasure of putting up the tents leisurely and finally when the last peg was hammered into the earth we all breathed a sigh of relief only to realise we’d put the wrong poles in and had to start all over again!

With the young people arriving an hour later spaghetti bolognaise was quickly underway and started to bubble just as the mini-bus arrived with the children practically falling over each other in an effort to escape the heat. During dinner where Jaime Currell intruded the talks of the book of Judges; a list of stories of the Israelites not living Gods ways and seemingly surprised when bad things happened. After a fantastic game of Dad’s Army where Sally Willcock and Dawn Tucker were almost forgotten in the middle of the field, the younger ones headed to bed while the elders went down to the beach.

After a scrumptious fried breakfast Jamie spoke of Deborah and Barrack as well as Jail and her tent peg which was hilariously acted out for us by the Elcock’s. While most headed to the games field to play a game of football, Karen Hamburger raced around coating children in sun cream as the day grew hotter.

Finally the water balloons were brought out and chaos reigned as none were safe… Eventually lunch was served and then everyone trouped into cars to travel to the swimming pool in a larger effort to cool down. Returning to base the BBQ was set up and food started to draw drooling faces nearer and as the chips arrived it seemed to disappear just as quickly as it had arrived!

The talk was how God used different, unexpected people to fulfil his plans. As the firewood was gathered for later, some went to the park others to the beach and some just sat around contemplating life’s mysteries…well as much as a group of teens can anyway. When the fire was declared ready by the experts we sat around the flames singing the old songs and some new ones lead by Niamh Tucker, Natalie Elcock and Lauren Pawsey. With bellies full of hot chocolate and marshmallows it was time for bed again.

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Sunday dawned bright and as usual chaos ensued as people looked for the items that had disappeared over the two days and tents were pulled down eventually the campsite was bare and we all gathered down the beach to be distracted by dogs I mean talk about Samsung and Delilah and Gods plan for us. With a few brave souls daring to feel the North sea it was time to dry up and enjoy a roast for lunch before having one last Judge to discuss as the last bits and bobs were chucked into the bus and we left for another year.

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