Wellbeing: An invitation to explore life and its meaning

Life and Soul : Explore faith
Life & Soul explores the kinds of questions we all ask at times, such as ‘What’s life all about?’ and ‘Is there anybody out there?’ and asks what the Christian faith has to say in response. Mornings are fun and interactive, with barista coffee and pastries, talks, activities and discussion and all views are welcome. Whether you consider yourself an atheist, agnostic, spiritual but not religious, a Christian believer or not sure, you would be very welcome.

What are the subjects for discussion?

Session 1 …intro and taster

Session 2 …on meaning of life

Session 3 …on existence of God

Session 4 …on Jesus’ life

Session 5 …on Jesus’ death

Session 6 …on the resurrection

Session 7 …on what now?

Session 8 …on spiritual practices

When? But join on any session

Coming soon – contact us to find when the next Life & Soul starts


Leigh Road Baptist Church

More info:

Or call Leigh Road Baptist Church office on 01702 478698 and ask about Life & Soul

Life and Soul Course details.

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