LICC South East Essex Church Learning Hub

LICC South East Essex Church Learning Hub

What is the South East Essex Church Learning Hub?

The South East Essex Church Learning Hub is a series of eight guided workshops from a partnership of three South East Essex churches (Leigh Road, Friars and West Leigh Baptist) and The London Insitute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC). They help Christians and entire churches explore how they can develop a lasting culture as whole-life disciplemaking communities.

The 3.5-hour workshops which start at 9:45 am and run until 1 pm are hosted currently on Zoom due to the pandemic by Leigh Road Baptist Church over the next 2 years; you are invited to attend all sessions or those relevant to you.

Course content

The eight sessions are:

  1. An Introduction to Whole-life Discipleship and Church (Buy tickets)
  2. Culture Change for a Frontline Focus
  3. Praying for the Frontline
  4. Developing Spiritual Formation in a Whole-Life Disciplemaking Church
  5. Preaching with a Frontline Focus
  6. Small Groups with a Frontline Focus
  7. The Workplace as your Frontline
  8. Sharing Faith on the Frontline

All are welcome from churches across South East Essex.

Church beyond the building

Jesus calls us to make disciples who live their whole lives for the glory of God.

The way we nurture people as their church leaders – whether through services, small groups, or personally deeply affects the kind of people they are out in the world. Christian community strengthens each believer with renewed boldness, joy, and insight to live for Jesus on their individual frontlines. This conviction has led LICC to listen to and work with hundreds of churches over 15 years as they equip their congregations for whole-life discipleship. They’ve led Learning Hubs everywhere from London to the Lake District, for everyone from Elim to Church of England and now we have a Church Learning Hub for South East Essex.

‘Our Learning Hub has helped me keep the most important things as the most important things. It combines great theology with practical applications.’

Revd Rob Powell, Rector of St James, Streatham & Furzedown Team

Learn together, learn practically, learn locally

Equipping God’s people for whole-life discipleship is both exciting and essential. Learning Hubs give you the vision, motivation, and tools*:

A wealth of experience. hub facilitators are all experienced church leaders presenting ideas and methods developed through work with hundreds of churches.

Interactive, hands-on learning. There is plenty of time to try ideas with your congregation and reflect on their success (or failure!) in the next group session.

Practical actions to try right away. We share simple steps that can create a ripple effect, showing rather than telling, and helping develop lasting culture change.

Community support. By learning together with your team and other local churches, you can learn from and support each other during and long after the hub.

God at work. Discover new ways to see God’s work in and through your congregation every day, and have the joy of seeing God do more in more places.

Resources at your fingertips. LICC produces small group materials, preaching packs, service plans, and theological articles to help leaders apply hub learning.

Is it ok if it’s fun? We hope so. Past participants tell us it’s a memorable, community-building, and enjoyable learning experience.

*This and the above benefits are based on follow-up research with participants.

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