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Barnabas Fellowship

Meets on Tuesday afternoons at 2.15pm to 3.30pm in The Stables Lounge.

Firstly a devotional meeting for men or women of any age who want to come and share friendship, a chance to chat and make friends over a cup of tea.

We open with a time of worship and then we have interesting speakers, ranging from representatives of Christian charities, such as Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen (the Fishermen's Mission), the Bible Society, African Prisons' Project etc., to more local speakers from different churches and organisations.

Every year we join groups from other churches in the area to raise funds for the BWF Project for the year. These projects have recently included charities such as a hospital in India, and an orphanage in Malawi, the SOS Bus and Street Pastors. The current Project (2015/2016) is Mission Aviation Fellowship.

We enjoy fish and chip lunches, strawberry teas, outings, bring and buy sales.

The meeting is open to all, whether members of Leigh Road Baptist Church or not, or indeed whether or not you are members of any church.If you are interested in joining with us may we assure you of a warm welcome, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Cecilia Bell, Organiser

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